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Dog Lover & Mama.

Seattle born & raised – I have always really LOVED the the Ballard Locks. Some of my early childhood memories were formed right here on this historical Seattle location.

As a child the Ballard Lock’s were a magical place!

I can remember spending summer nights here with my Dad & twin sister. My Dad would explain the mechanics of Puget Sound (salt water) on one side & Lake Union (fresh water) on the other side. We would watch as boats big & small would line up to pass through the ship canal. I can remember waving to the people on the vessels and dreaming of someday traveling by boat through this iconic Seattle ship canal myself. *Runs to add this to my summer bucket list!

Even cooler (to me as a kid) were the moving walkways that crossed the Locks. As a child I can remember hearing the warning buzzer start to ring. The buzzer indicated the walkways would soon open. We would race to cross before it was too late. Beating the opening meant we would not get ‘stuck’ on one side or the other. If you missed your opportunity to cross it meant a 15 – 30 minute wait – an eternity me as a child!

Photographing Families at the Ballard Locks is a walk down memory lane!

The buildings all look EXACTLY as I remember them. Exposed brick with black wrought iron handrails along the back of the building. An ornate grand entrance along the ship canal. Flag poles with nautical knots on the end of the ropes. The Locks are clearly loved & very well maintained to this day.

I am also here to the report that the bathrooms are still scary & PINK(ish) – Ha!

The rolling hills with mean Canadian geese – are still there too. I can remember rolling down them as child! The geese are also mean as ever – Ha!

Returning to the Ballard Lock’s as an adult and with my photographer hat on is a real treat.

Extraordinary leading lines, iconic Seattle historical buildings, beautifully maintained grounds all make my photographer HEART SING.

I also REALLY really really really love seeing the wonderment in little ones eyes as we walk & talk during our photo session. While my explanation is not nearly as good as my Dad’s, playing tour guide/photographer is a real treat for the little Heleyna inside of me.

Join me at the Ballard Locks for a photo session in 2024.

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