Meet Heleyna Holmes, family, CHILDHOOD milestone & senior photographer. 

My love for photography was planted in me at 19. I was a student working towards my Associate of Arts degree @ South Seattle Community College. I needed an art credit. I had two choices: ceramics -or-photography. While ceramics felt like the easy A+, I was too cool for school with acrylic fingernails. (They totally gross me out now). But I knew in my heart that pinch pots & pottery wheels were not in my future. So I took the photography class!!! 

WAit, Theres MOre

Since then, (I cannot believe its been 22 year) my priorities have changed (phew!!!!). Acrylic nails are no longer my guilty pleasure. 

I am happy to report photography was planted in my  heart to stay, and is 100% my life's work. I am my best self when I am art directing, shooting, & capturing life's milestones for my clients. 

about My Work

As a creative, photography is an avenue to let my artist light shine.  This life & carrier have allowed me to dream realllllyyyy BIG.

Co-founding Wild Hearts Farm in 2017- (Washington's very first photo venue) with my business bestie. And working side-by-side on quarterly instillations in each of our farm spaces - quenches my thirst to dream & create year round. 


Hey look, It's me

Seattle, Washington

My Greatest GIFT

Dog MOM (I take O.K. care of the humans too!

now playing

Van Morrison, Days Like This

Guilty pleasure

Born, Raised & Reside

Love is Blind

take my money

Glazers Camera 

secret talent

Memorizing Rap Lyrics

Fun Fact

I am a fraternal twin

favorite place

Poolside @ the Arizona Biltmore with my Business Bestie

fave activity

Days @ the lake with my crew.