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Sweet Baby K – 9 Month Milestone Session

When you are the third born baby of an award-winning child and family photographer your life is pretty well documented. Sweet baby K has embraced her roll with lots of enthusiasm. At just nine months old, she has taken her first steps, loves to shake her hips to music, and can clap clap clap when asked.  During this shoot she showed off all three of her latest moves at once. Standing, dancing and clapping all at the same time. Her new moves made for really beautiful 9 month milestone photos at Wild Hearts Farm.

Baby Milk Bath

My BFF Jodall at Wild Hearts Farm assisted me with Baby K’s 9 month milestone session. Having an extra pair of hands when there is a baby and water/milk involved is a must. Plus Baby K thinks her Auntie Jodall is pretty darn funny,  having her help made for some beautiful genuine gummy smiles too.

When planning this 9 month milestone session, I had only the milk bath in mind. However, after the milk bath fun was over Baby K was still bright eyed and ready to go. It could be the fact that she is the third born baby of a award-winning child and family photographer as I mentioned above… Or maybe its the fact that having all the attention feels pretty darn good when you are the youngest of three.  Nonetheless, her stamina was contiguous.  Jodall and I pushed on too.

Wild Hearts Farm – Beautiful Gardens

After the milk bath we set off to photograph Baby K in a couple of the beautiful Wild Hearts Farm gardens. I make it down to Wild Hearts Farm at least once a week. Sometimes more! It always amazes me how quickly things change. Just two weeks ago there was water in the pond. Now it is mostly dry with sweet little white flowers lining what was its shore.

The rainbow garden has new flowers growing which were so fun to shoot alongside the Lupin. That rainbow garden also gets great light at golden hour – my favorite time to shoot!  You can checkout my last rainbow garden session at THIS LINK. The change is neat to see.

The foxgloves were the first to pop in what will be the Fall garden. We of course had to capture those. It was fun to put baby Kelly next to them to show size.

The three rows of peonies made their Wild Hearts Farm debut this year. Jodall is looking forward to the peonies getting fuller year-by-year. I am too!  But I really loved the way they photographed this year too. I love that Baby K pops out of the blooms so small & delicately.  Peonies are just so pretty, the sweet baby girl makes them extra special!

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