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World’s BEST Emerald Green Chair

This is a blog post about a chair…You have been warned.

It’s a really good chair and you should stick around for the story. The chair is green. But not just any green… it’s an emerald green, velvet, wingback chair with wood trim. And it’s so so so good!

The perfect find can really take my weekly goodwill run from drab to fab.

When you are a creative professional (like myself) the perfect chair can really make your day/week/month. It can get the creative juices flowing.  Inspiration for me comes in many shapes, colors, textures and sizes. And I know what I love when I see it. This chair for me was a LOVE.

Here’s the Story!

My BFF Jodall of Wild Hearts Farm and I were out palling around as we call it. ((Hold the phone-I can’t believe palling is not a word. It’s one of our favorite things to do. Get it together urban dictionary…)) Moving on!

A little goodwill run is often one of the highlights of our pal time. We are both treasure hunters at heart.

Let the record show this was MY find and my so-called pal might have hated on it a little at first. As we shopped I had my little one in the front pack. This meant Jodall had to be the one to haul our treasure to the front counter. I think she may have stomped her feet as she did it. I’m teasing there was no foot stomping. Just a little side eye. In the end, she loved our treasure of course!

This beauty is now a permanent resident of the ever-expanding prop room at Wild Hearts Farm. Ask me to dig it out at your next Wild Hearts Farm shoot. Still need to book your shoot for this Summer/Fall you can do so HERE!

If you would like to see more of what is happening right now at Wild Hearts Farm check out THIS blog post.

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