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The Washington Park Arboretum is pure magic right now. And look at this absolutely gorgeous family. They were a dream to photograph in this beautiful Spring setting. So many fun interaction and connections during our shoot!

Washington Park Arboretum

The Arboretum in the Spring is beautiful beyond words.  It is extra special at golden hour-the 1.5 or so before sunset.  The  Arboretum has been one of my go-to locations for nearly 10 years now. Spring can be tricky in the PNW though. Some years it is so wet/windy in Seattle in May that the beauty of Spring in the Arboretum will come and go quickly. This Spring in Seattle, however, has been a real treat. Sunny and 70 more days then I can count at this point. It’s been a real treat for my photographer’s heart.

Wisteria at the Graham Visitor Center

Keeping track of whats in bloom and when is one of my most important jobs as a child and family photographer. Sometimes a quick blog post helps me be able to look back and make an educated guess when to expect certain blooms and where. The purple wisteria on the east side of the Graham Visitor Center bloomed in mid-may this year. Noted!

Inside the Park

Inside the park, Azaela way is in full bloom too. It is a brilliant rainbow of 15-20 foot tall Azaleas of every color. The Azaleas make for such a fun backdrop for child and family photography. I really love shooting through the blooms. Adding blooms in the foreground, placing my subject in the middle, then having more Azaleas in the background is another favorite way of photographing families in the park. SO beautiful!

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If you are interested in an Arboretum photo session this Spring/Summer. You can book that HERE! 

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