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Sonja Sue | Inspiration

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I find inspiration everywhere!

Just today I spotted burnt orange poppies blooming on the side of the freeway in Seattle. So very inspiring . Now, if I could only figure out how to get to them!

My two children are at the tippy-top of my inspiration chart. Unless of course they are up before 5am. Then their top spot is bumped by a vanilla latte from my friends at Muddy Waters Coffee. Not to fear, once my cup of Joe kicks in they are back to the top of my list. I have never been one to hold a grudge.

Sonja Sue is the inspiration for my latest lifestyle photography session!

Why is it a lifestyle session you ask?

Well, Sonja is 20 months old. I am her Mama, who just-so-happens to be a photographer.  The Mama roll comes first.  Any Seattle Momtog can tell you getting your own child to cooperate for photographs is NOT for the faint of heart.  Hence the lifestyle approach. She runs and plays, I follow closely behind with my camera. It is perfect!

Inspiration & Design Elements | Heleyna Holmes Photography LOVES

Sonja Sue: My 20 month old energy filled baby girl!  This little lady jumps ( I kid you not) to most places she is headed.  It is pretty darn cute.  Unless of course it is to jump in and wake me up before 5am. But we have already established that!

Bunnies By The Bay: When Sonja was born at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. There was a sweet pink Bunnies By The Bay lovie waiting for her. Sonja has been our Bunny Baby ever since.  I often find her jumping along with her lovie Blossom in tow. Bunnies by the Bay is a fantastic company out of  Anacortes Washington.  Check them out!

Joyfolie: I have been following Joyfolie for YEARS! Long before I was a Mama to this sweet baby girl. Maybe just maybe, I placed my first Joyfolio order during a late night feeding right after her birth. (Hey, we did not know what we were having. I truly could not help myself with my sweet new baby girl in my arms.) Plus, I am certain they were having one of their amazing sales!

Jodall: Jodall is my oh-so-sweet friend.  She also happens to be very in tune with my style.  She knew I would just LOVE this little dress Sonja is wearing.  What a fantastic gift. Thank you Jodall!

Seattle Momtogs: Location scouting for my friends over at the Seattle Momtogs is a weekly inspiration for me.  We are headed back to this beautiful location Monday for a photography meetup. Email me at HeleynaHolmesPhotography@hotmail.com if you would like to join us.

Call to Action

Are you inspired by this laid back day in the life/lifestyle session?  Heleyna Holmes Photography would be overjoyed to tag along on YOUR next outdoor adventure.  Email me at: HeleynaHolmesPhotography@hotmail.com or Call/Text 206.245.5060.

I must add…Sonja’s three little pony tails in this session make me heart swoon!

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