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Introducing Milestone Mondays

I love milestone sessions!!

Starting this week you are going to see many more of them here on the Heleyna Holmes Photography blog.  I’m excited to announce a new weekly blog theme… Milestone Mondays!  Kiddos change so fast. In a blink of an eye, they go from being newborns to toddlers. My milestone sessions are done when children are newborns, at 4 months, 8 months, 12 months, and once a year every year after that.

Why do I do milestones sessions 4 times in the first year? Babies change so much in the first year!! With newborns I capture the sleepy sweet moments. Everything is so tiny and new. This time flies past in a blur. In even a month or two they grow so much. It’s wonderful to have these photos to look back at and realize just how tiny they really were.

At 4 months, babies are giving gummy smiles, and conquering tummy time. At this age, they are looking around the world and interacting with it. Photos of babies discovering their toes have to be some of the most adorable photos there are.

By 8 months, many babies are sitting up, crawling, and have the most adorable full smiles. This is the age where I love to plop them into a cute little basket.

At 12 months, they are on the move! At a year, babies are standing up while holding something, or walking on their own. We can capture them toddling or crawling around, or we can make a yummy mess doing a cake smash session.

At ages 2,3,4,5…Kids change a little slower, but it’s still just as important to capture it. They grow inches a year, loose baby teeth, loose their baby fat overnight, and really start to show their personalties.

I can’t wait to share more Milestone sessions with you. Make sure to stop by the blog on Mondays to catch the cutey of the week!  To book a session for your little one click HERE.  You can choose to book a single Milestone Session, or you can book your Baby’s First Year Plan to make sure you capture all 4 milestones from you child’s first year.

Here is a sneak peek of the little guy we will be featuring our first Milestone Monday next week. Milestone Studio Sessions



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